Three new things

First of all dairy is not my friend. Lately I have been a little bit lax about my dairy intake. I’ve forgotten to order my salads without dairy on a number of occasions, my sister even called me out on Facebook. Thanks for looking out for me girl. In my defense the salad descriptions made no mention of dairy but alas this is Texas and dairy gets sprinkled on everything. It’s like salt. You have to vigilant to keep the dairy off your plate and I guess I’m getting tired, I know it’s a poor excuse. The thing about dairy is it’s very addictive; it’s not just me it really is. It’s difficult to just eat a small bit once in a while like I was trying to do. A small bit quickly turns into two huge bites of your son’s nachos or half a grilled cheese sandwich.

It was difficult for me to give up dairy but once I did I was fine with it. My digestion improved and the biggest bonus was no more PMS. The thing with dairy is you either eat it or you don’t. If I eat one type like say parmigiano reggiano, which I can tolerate in small amounts, then I will want manchego. The time has come for me to give it up for real for the second time or maybe third time. Lately I’ve been feeling bloated and just yucky it’s so not worth it, cheese in just not that good.

The other thing is that I am ready to run again. I have been working out with a trainer Caroline, who I just love. Her classes are always fun, difficult and inspiring. We have been jogging and doing sprints as part of our workout for the past week. I have been afraid to run since my knee injury. Thankfully my knee feels so much better now. Jogging and doing the sprints made me realize I’m fine to start running again, I just need to slowly ease into it. I can finally sign up to run some 5K’s again which I am really excited about.

And lastly, NaNoWriMo is kicking my but this year.

Bird by Bird

You know how I was reading this book, which by the way I loved, well it got me think differently about writing. Before I go on, if you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is you can read about it here. Basically you write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I did it last year and I loved the process so much I am doing it again. Last year I started with a plot and I wrote from there with out much thought about my characters. After reading Bird by Bird, I took a different approach this year. This time I am developing my characters first and then a plot will develop based on that. Some days it feels like not much is happening but I am getting a clearer picture of who the characters are. I am fine with it being far from done after I hit 50,000 words. I am doing this more for the process and because I love to write.

That’s all for now.