Trail running at Solitude

This post was written two years ago, just getting around to publishing it now.

My family and I are spending July in Utah My husband floats in and out since he still has to work, but my son and I are lucky enough to stay here all month. It’s been great to escape to heat in San Antonio and to spend time in the mountains. I love being at a higher elevation; something about the dry thin air just makes me happier. Since we are here for so long we drove so we could bring our mountain bikes and load up the car with running shoes and LEGOS.

run on trails

My favorite thing about being here is that there are so many trails right outside our door to take advantage of and explore. Every day since I’ve been here I trail run, mountain bike and or hike. There is no time to sit still with all of this natural beauty around me. I did plenty of research before we got here so we would never run out of activities. I asked the Snowmamas for advice and I Googled like crazy. I found out about these really cool trail races that are held every week called The Wasatch Trail Run Series. Even though I’m very new to trail racing and still not adjusted to this altitude I still feel the need to race and drag my son along for the ride.

Ready for his first trail race

Here is my son wearing his race bib

Although theĀ  race was very small; it has a hardcore group of followers that show up week after week. Everyone was very kind and welcoming to us. My son was excited but a little nervous since he was the only kid there. We both finished and had a great time. Looking forward to the next one.