Training and nutrition

My triathlon training has been moving along pretty nicely. I’m happy to report I had some progress with my swimming. Nothing to jump up and down about; but some small progress. For the past few weeks I have been working on getting my nutrition right. I was feeling very tired after my workouts and sometimes nauseated. I realized that I was not eating enough and I wasn’t hydrated enough. It took a while for me to discover this because I though I was eating and drinking a lot. I knew I needed to get this problem under control quickly or else my workouts were going to suffer, so I bought this book.

Thrive, Vegan nutrition guide

I wanted advice from a professional athlete who ate a plant based diet. Although I am not vegan, I do eat mostly vegan and I didn’t want to rely on animal protein. Brandon Brazier’s book was the obvious choice. Things turned around pretty quickly for me after I started reading it. I started keeping a fitness journal where I recorded my workouts, what I ate and most importantly how I felt. This helped me to see how little I was actually eating. I started to increase my food intake by switching to smaller more frequent meals. I made sure I carried a water bottle everywhere I went and reduced my caffeine intake. I also cut back dramatically on my wine consumption. I didn’t need anything contributing to dehydration.

Avocado,kelp flakes on sprouted grain bread

Here is a typical breakfast. A sprouted grain english muffin with avocado, kelp flakes and lemon. Normally I would have stopped there, but now I would eat this and eat a another small meal two hours later.

Cowgirl Granola

I also always carry extra snacks with me even if I think I will not be out long. These granola bars are made locally and have very few ingredients so I like having them around for a quick snack.


I still love to eat salads but now I add hearty ingredients like hummus, roasted veggies and squash. I also always pair a salad with something more filling like soup.

Vegan Cheese burger

Once in a while I’ll eat a vegan cashew cheese burger piled high with greens if I want something really hearty.

Brown rice and veggies

My favorite thing to eat is brown rice loaded with vegetables and roasted squash. It’s so satisfying without being too heavy. I ate this yesterday before my spin class and I felt really good. The portion looks small but this was part one of my dinner. I made sure to drink a protein shake when I got home plus I had a small meal a few hours before eating this. I still do eat some animal products but I keep those to a minimum. I feel much better running on plants, I have more energy and focus. Figuring our what to eat while training for this triathlon was extremely important. I feel so much better during my workouts and after them.

I’m really enjoying this whole process of training with a team, raising money for the Leukemia and lymphoma Society and getting in better shape. It has been such a positive experience.

Team in Training

It was an exciting day when I got this shoe tag.

I want to thank everyone who has donated to my fundraising page because without you I won’t reach my goal. If you haven’t donated yet please do, it will make me very happy and it’s tax deductible.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

This is proof that your donation will save lives.

I hope you all have a fantastic day.