Trying out Thrive in 30

Today I signed up for Thrive in 30, with Brendan Brazier. I really admire him, he is a professional Ironman Triathlete and he eats only whole plant based foods. I’m excited to learn from him over the next 30 days.  I’m not vegan, but I do eat mostly a plant based diet.  You don’t have to be vegan or a vegetarian to benefit from this program. This is a great way to try a plant based diet for 30 days and see how it fits into your lifestyle.

I’m also looking to revamp my exercise routine so why not learn from a professional athlete. My yoga will stay as is I can’t imagine life without it, I just want to get stronger and move my body more. I’ll be writing more about it as I get started with the program. Check it out and sign up, what do you have to lose?