Vegan pizza day

Happy Friday everyone, tomorrow is vegan pizza day so I’m getting my pizza dough ready a little early. I have been cutting way back on gluten so a gluten free pizza crust is in order.

Gluten free pizza

I’ve never used this mix before so I’m curious to see how it turns out. The recipe called for 2 eggs, but this could easily be replaced with flax meal and water. The vegan recipe is on the back of the package so there is no guess work involved.

Soaking flax meal

Here is my flax meal soaking

Pizza dough

Here is the dough ready to rise, I like how the dough looks dotted with the flax. After the dough is finished rising I’ll just pop it in the refrigerator and it will be ready to bake tomorrow. Now I can start thinking about the best part, the toppings. I like vegan pizza more than I like pizza with cheese, I never thought I would be saying that because I was a cheese addict before. For the base I’m thinking about using caramelized onions and a walnut pesto. The onions will be a nice soft bed for the rest of the toppings and the pesto will make the pizza moist. The walnuts are soaking so they will be all ready to go for tomorrow. I’ll combine them with what ever herbs look good at the farmers market.

For now I’m just going to have another glass of wine and enjoy my Friday night. See you tomorrow with the finished product and happy vegan pizza day.

One more thing, if you have time please check out my latest green smoothie recipe on mySA it’s really delicious and filling.

  • Green has a great vegan pizza night on Mondays!

    • I love Green, I have never tried their pizza but I think it’s time I did.

  • Happy Vegan Pizza Day!
    Caramelized onions are awesome on pizzas. Try sauteing them with spinach and mushrooms…then top that with sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of fresh basil on your crust. Delicious! Or better yet…add some sprouts (that takes even more planning ahead though).

    I often add extra sauce to top my vegan pizzas to keep the toppings on. It’s all good without cheese, I didn’t think I’d be saying that either!

    I like your idea of soaked walnuts. I’ll have to try that one on my next vegan pizza.
    Here is one of my vegan pizza posts: Vegan Hummus Pizza Recipe

    • There are so many great vegetable options, vegan pizza is so great. I’ll check out your recipe it sounds really good

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