Veganomicon Cookbook Review

VeganomiconHello friends. This month went by fast and it’s now time to review the first cookbook in the vegan cookbook club. I enjoyed the process very much, it has forced me to try out some new recipes and I also discovered some new blogs. Here is my review of Veganomicon, the ultimate vegan cookbook.

The book is well organized and broken into sections that make sense. It starts off by talking about how to stock your vegan pantry, what kitchen equipment you will need and then explains cooking terminology before it actually gets to the part about cooking food. These sections are great for beginners and serve as a good review for those who may be more seasoned cooks. From there the book dives into important chapters like how to cook vegetables and beans before moving into the main recipes. The overall tone of the book is very lighthearted and fun. I did like the little boxes that included recipe tips, but I found the icons to be a bit confusing I kept forgetting what they stood for.

I found the recipes that I tried to be easy to make, but used a bit too much oil that I like to use. I was disappointed at the lack of pictures in the cookbook. When I first buy a cookbook I love to look at the pictures and dream about what I’m going to make. A cookbook is supposed to make you hungry and excited to try out the recipes. I had a very hard time cooking from this book because there were very few pictures.

The pictures that were in the book weren’t very noteworthy and didn’t make me hungry. I think I would have tried more recipes if there were some good pictures next to them. I like the idea of the book very much; it’s supposed to be the ultimate vegan cookbook. It’s very big, almost too big, and full of every recipe a vegan could need. But it’s size only added to the intimidation factor. I felt like it was so big I had no idea where to start, nothing caught my eye right away. That is why I ended up making the Lentils with Rice and Caramelized Onions, it was a dish that was familiar to me one that is a standby in my cooked food repertoire.

All in all I’d say it’s an OK cookbook, not one of my favorites. I’m sure I’ll look at it again from time to time. However if a friend borrowed it for a few months I doubt I’d miss it.

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  • I have this and I’ve only used it a few times. I like pictures too, it gets me more interested in food. It’s too wheat and soy heavy for my taste as well. But I like having it as a reference. Thanks for the review!

    • I agree about it being to soy and wheat heavy.

  • I had some similar comments in my review (loved the tone, icons were confusing, etc.) but overall I really loved this cookbook & will cook from it often.

    • I checked out your review 🙂

  • So that’s a no then – I agree, lots of pictures are absolutely necessary 🙂

  • I dont have many books, and everyone raved about this, so I picked it up. I also made the Lentil?rice recipe as the first one from the book, and I plan to make the chickpea cutlets tomorrow. I also love pictures, and this book IS indeed lacking in them. I haven’t made a lot, but so far its ok for me. I’d like to know what your favorite book is

    • I like raw cookbooks the best, but if I had to pick a cooked vegan one I’d choose Eat, Drink And Be Vegan.

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