Veganomicon Update

Happy Valentine’s Day AKA Monday night. I’ve been cooking away trying  recipes from Veganomicon, the ultimate vegan cookbook. Here is what I’ve made so far.

Corn and Edamame Sesame Salad

Corn and edamame sesame salad from page 82

This salad was delicious, light and fresh. I especially loved how easy it was to make; I’ll definitely be making this again.

Smoky grilled tempeh

Next up the Smoky grilled tempeh, page 130.

This is a great recipe if you have been avoiding tempeh because of its strong somewhat funky flavor. Steaming the tempeh first removes the bitterness and makes it taste milder. (I omitted the liquid smoke because I don’t like smoky flavors or anything that remotely tastes grilled.)

vegan dinner

Smoky tempeh topped with sweet vidalia onion sauce from page 216

If you want to make a dish that is a winner pair the tempeh with the sweet vidalia onion sauce. The onion sauce is sweet and really mellows the tempeh even more. I only added 1/2 the maple syrup that the recipe called for, the onions are sweet enough on their own. Plus I don’t like sweet and savory flavors mixed in the same dish. Yes, I know I have some issues.

Miso tahini dressing

Miso tahini dressing, page 93

Now I didn’t exactly follow this recipe. I used brown rice miso instead of the white sweet miso the recipe called for. I wouldn’t recommend doing this; stick to the recipe for sure. It tasted OK, but tahini goes better with the milder miso.

Avocado and miso tahini

It wasn’t a total waste, I mixed the miso tahini with some avocado and it was delicious.

Sprouted lentil pate

I also added some to a delicious raw sprouted lentil pate I made last week. (Not from the cookbook) I’ll post the recipe for that soon.


Finally here is the recipe I started out with, lentils and rice with caramelized onions from page 177.

I’ll be trying out more recipes and posting my review of the cookbook for the cookbook club later this month.

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  • Cristy

    Awesome blog! How can I reach you via email if I have a question?

    • Please go to my contact page to get in touch with me.

  • this all looks delicious – i always end up reading more recipes than i actually make but you’re cooking up a storm here

  • what kind of green is that under the pate? looks good.

    • It’s mache, I love it.